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Construction Best Practices


Our consulting team focuses on our clients' current trenchless construction methods to insure that best practices are specified to reduce the likelihood of future crossbore installations.  Modification of construction practices can allow a gas operator to focus on legacy installations. 

Pilot Program Development

Most gas operators require an initial proof of concept phase prior to implementation of a multi-year program.  Pilot program development can familiarize staff  members with the inspection process, evaluate deficiencies and  define future budgetary requirements within each unique organization.

Legacy Program Management

Strategies to address this issue can be developed to address locations which represent the highest level of risk to an operator.  By determining where crossbores are most likely to exist and locations where potential incidents would result in a higher level of damage, operators can target inspections on locations unique to their own operating environment.

Construction Support

Services can range from pre-locating adjacent wastewater and storm laterals and mains to providing post construction video verifying that adjacent gravity drains have not been damaged.Several gas operators require post video verification prior to the introduction of natural gas into newly installed facilities.



It is critical to store and index the captured data in an accessible format.  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can provide the ability to quickly determine where inspections have occurred, provide a means to determine future inspection locations and give an overall picture of the progress of the program. 

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