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Pilot Program Development

It is imperative that adoption of crossbore inspection programs include the ability to provide data that will not require re-inspection.   It is our intent to develop a process that can be taken over by the client, if so desired, by providing supporting documentation addressing all aspect of the program. To insure that all inspection efforts are traceable and that gas operators have the ability to access these records in the future, Crossbore Consultants will develop the following procedures to support this critical safety effort.

  • Determine locations where trenchless construction methods
       were used
  • Define the extent of inspections (sewer main to structure or
       gas meter?)
  • Evaluate Public Awareness efforts and recommend
       modifications when needed​
  • Develop documentation for all aspects of Pilot Program
  • Define operational response to discovered crossbores
  • Develop proximity clearance processes when video
       inspection is not possible
  • Work with adjacent City's/Agencies to facilitate inspections of
       their systems
  • ​Compile repair standards for damaged wastewater/storm
  • Specify inspection software for video capture
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