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      Crossbore Consultants is a multidiscipline team with extensive experience in natural gas distribution and wastewater collection systems.  Past crossbore related projects have included execution of legacy programs, new trenchless construction video inspection support, pilot program development and modification of trenchless construction specifications to minimize the likelihood of new crossbores.

Greg Scoby, PE


(408) 201-3204

Danny Hixon


(937) 218-1843​​​​

​​With more than 30 years of experience in natural gas distribution systems, Greg has managed multi-year replacement programs involving gas system rehabilitation with trenchless construction methods.

He has developed and managed crossbore inspection programs as both an owner and as a consultant to gas operators.

Greg is currently a board member of the Cross Bore Safety Association  and the American Water Works Association 263 committee responsible for polyolefin pipe and fitting standards.

Danny has extensive operational experience with crossbore inspection projects nationwide in over thirty states.  He previously marketed crossbore inspection services for major video inspection firms and has participated in numerous industry associations and conferences actively promoting this important safety activity.

Danny has over 15 years of plumbing, drain cleaning and Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and Survey (SSES) ​​​​​​​​​​​​experience giving him a unique perspective on crossbore related issues.

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